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TetraMem Software Development Services

Meet the challenge of deploying an efficient edge AI solution by optimizing for power and latency on TetraMem’s world-class analog computing architecture. 

TetraMem delivers your application to address the needs of your end users faster with best-in-class power consumption on our proprietary platform. Provide the algorithms, models, configurations, quantization and software efficiency they expect. Using agile continuous development, receive regular model updates and ongoing improvements.

TetraMem AI Model Flow

VERTICAL 5-step-linear-flow-PowerPoint-Diagram-Template.pptx.jpg


TetraMem can also help develop your neural network edge application to integrate into your own analog in-memory compute hardware. TetraMem uniquely has already delivered, demonstrated, and verified a full software stack on actual analog in-memory compute silicon - experience which no one else can match. 

To access our world-class software development services and customer support with ongoing upgrades and a commitment to software quality, contact

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