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USC Professor and TetraMem Design Advisor Dr. Mike Chen Elevated to IEEE Fellow

TetraMem is proud to congratulate Dr. Mike Shuo-Wei Chen on his well-deserved induction as IEEE Fellow.

This elevation to IEEE Fellow recognizes Dr. Chen's technical contributions in data converters (ADC/DAC) and frequency synthesizers over decades. Dr. Chen invented the world first asynchronous SAR ADC architecture which has been widely adopted in industry and academia, especially when high speed and low power consumption is critical. During his tenure at the University of Southern California, his research team has worked on various novel ADC and DAC architectures such as non-uniform sampling ADCs, dual-rate hybrid DACs, time-based ADCs, and more. The proof-of-concept prototypes often set new benchmarks in performance. He and his team also proposed and demonstrated novel time-to-digital converters and spur cancellation techniques for frequency synthesizers. These can enable high fidelity and low cost clock generation. Today his interests further extend to bio-inspired computing, AI/ML assisted IC design, and RF/mm-Wave circuits.

Earlier this year, Professor Chen’s team at USC also received the prestigious ISSCC Jack Kilby award for the energy-efficient delay-tracking pipelined SAR TDC design idea

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