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TetraMem will be back for the Linley Fall 2022 Processor Conference on November 1 - 2.

TetraMem is excited to announce that we will be back at Linley for the Fall 2022 Processor Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA on November 1-2. TetraMem's revolutionary analog in-memory computing technology made its debut at the Spring Processor Conference earlier this year. This time our CTO and Co-founder, Dr. Miao Hu, will expand on our software technology, a critical part of our patented six-dimension co-design methodology and a key to unlocking the power of our analog in-memory compute devices and architecture.

Please join us live or online for the talk by Dr. Hu on the morning of November 1. If you are attending in person, please also visit us at the conference exhibition on the afternoon of November 2.

"Using Software to Overcome Analog Loss for In-Memory Computing"
Miao Hu, CTO & Co-founder, TetraMem

Modern in-memory-computing solutions use an analog approach to gain throughput and energy efficiency over pure digital solutions. However, analog loss is the main concern; Building calibration circuits or re-training models is often unaffordable or unreliable. Here, TetraMem describes its software solution to overcome the analog loss by considering process and hardware variation, parasitic effects, nonlinearity, thermal stability, and other factors. The solution guarantees high flexibility, high reliability, and negligible software cost compared with retraining. It also has zero hardware overhead.

View the full conference proceedings and register for the live or virtual event at

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